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The Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Entomology

  • Development and implementation of innovative advanced technologies for industrial production entomophages and predatory mites to protect plants from pests;
  • Development of equipment for industrial production entomophages;
  • Production of insect commercial batches such as grain moth, Trichogramma spp., Вracon hebetor, Aphidius spp. Chrysoperla carnea and predatory mites to protect greenhouse crops at marketable shape.

Scientific Research department of Industrial Microbiology

  • Development and improvement of existing technologies for advanced biologics for the protection of plants against pests and disease of crops;
  • Development of equipment for industrial production of microbial plant protection products;
  • Maintenance of microbiological stock cultures for the production of microbial cure products for plant protection.

Scientific Research department of Ecological Farming

  • Development of technologies for the use of biological products for intensive agricultural production and cultivation of organic crops;
  • The phytosanitary examination of grains and seeds.

Scientific Research department of development of biological technologies and innovative provision of plant protection

  • The structure optimization of biological laboratories and insectaries on the territory of The Southern region of Ukraine;
  • Definition structure of the biotechnological processes production of entomological and biotechnological of plant protection products;
  • Development of proposals to the typical production processes and biological laboratories insectaries.

Scientific Research department of automation, instrumentation and experimental techniques

  • Development of automation for manufacturing processes of the biological products;
  • Development of information and control systems to optimal management of processes production of biological crop protection means;
  • Development of HVAC equipment for cultivation and testing of biological agents and storage of biological and agricultural products;
  • Determination of the impact of greenhouse gases which occurred from agriculture activities on the state of environment and development of techniques for a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural activities.