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Areas of activity

  • Creating environmentally friendly, resource saving technologies and equipment for entomological plant protection products in open ground.
  • Development of technologies of mass breeding and use of plant protection akaroentomophage closed ground.
  • Creating environmentally friendly and resource saving technologies and accessibility equipment for industrial microbiological plant protection agents and bacterial fertilizers.
  • Development of technologies of growing crops in an integrated use of biological agents to stimulate their productivity, sustainability, quality and use in growing organic crop production.
  • Development of a system of scientific support and support of agribusiness industry with the production of biologization agriculture, soil fertility and support environmental protection.
  • Development and production of hardware and software of control systems of greenhouses so that implement biological methods of plant protection.
  • Comprehensive modernization and technical upgrading of existing laboratory equipment for biotechnology with adaptation needs.
  • Development and production of the model range of automated production systems for bioclimatic entomological and agrobiotechnical products.
  • Performance management of application of biological plant protection in large open areas.
  • The development of wireless automated control systems in scientific experiments and biotechnological processes.