Institute’s researches are complex, determined by a combination of technical, biological and agricultural sciences. Development of scientific bases of system engineering, technological and agrobiological provision of industry with the production of biologization agriculture is expected such as creation of complex climate-biological and instrumentation engineering, industrial biotechnology production of biological crop protection products, providing them with good quality, technology and mechanization use of biological products in agriculture .
Scientific novelty of research and development based on a fundamentally new conceptual positions, methods, findings, inventions, and patents declared in Ukraine. During the analytical and experimental research the following important results were reached for the first time:
  • resource, energy saving technologies and theoretical basis for the development of equipment manufacturing microbiological drugs factory in terms of regional agricultural enterprises;
  • Theoretical bases, methods, means of agroecological monitoring and management of phytosanitary situation with predominant use of biological methods;
  • theoretical justification of the use of biological means of protection, power plants growth stimulation in systems of sustainable and organic farming;
  • theoretical basis of entomological creation of industrial production;
  • analysis and optimization of production technology of the most common and useful herbivores and entomoakariphages;
  • artificial biotechnocenosis theory of complex machinery, apparatus and appliances, which are able to reproduce the natural conditions of life and provide massive breeding beneficial insects, mites, microorganisms that are used for the production of biologization agriculture.